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On Page Seo Optimization Techniques To Rank In The First Page Of Google

                              On Page Seo Checklist 

this image relates on page seo optimization
On Page Seo Optimization 
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keyword
  • Heading Tag
  • Image Alt Tag
  • Internal Links
  • URL/Permalink
  • Anchor Test
  • Content Optimization
  • Robot Txt

1. Title Tag: Technically Called Title Elements - Define The Title Of A Documents. Title Tag Are Often Used On Search Engine Results Pages To Display Preview Snippets For A Given Page And Are The Important Both For Seo And Social Sharing.

  • Code Sample 
<title>Example Title<title>


  • Length 60-65 Character/ 512 Px
  • Title Tag Contains Important Keywords First Then Brand Name.
  • Meaningful And Relevant With Page Content.     
  • Use Only Pipes 1To Separate Important Keywords/Phrase(No Comma), Dash, Or Another Sign. 
  • Try To Avoid Stop Words
  • Do Not Duplicate Title Tag Use Unique For Every Page

              How To Post Title Before Blog Title

  • Sign In Blogger > Go To Template >Edit Html>Proced>Click Any Place >Search
  • Now Find This Html Code :
<Title><Data: Blog.Page Title/></Title>

And Repace It With This

<b:If Cond='Data:Blog.Paage Type= =& Quot; Item & Quot; '>

<Title><Data:Blog.Paage Name/ >| <Data: Blog.Title/> </ Title >

<b :else/>
<Title><Data:Blog.Page Title/> < /title >
  • Now Click On Save Template

  2.  Meta Description :                               

Meta Description Are HTML Attributes That Provide Concisely Explanations Of The Content Of Web Pages. Meta Descriptions Are Commonly Used On SERPS To Display Snippets For a Given Page.

  • Code Sample :< head>
                             <Meta Name ="Description" Content ='

"This Is An Example Of a Meta Description"> </head>

                          Meta Description Rules 

  • It's Short Description About Your Page Content.
  • Recommended Length 150 Character
  • Try To Write Unique Description For Every Page
  • Put Your Main Keywords First
  • Tools: Character Counter
Meta Tag>Setting >Search Preference >Enable >Yes >Then Box

3. Meta Keyword: Meta Keyword Is Not Applicable For This Time.

4. Keyword Stuffing: Do Not Use Maximum Keyword. Use Minimum Keyword.

5. Heading Tag: H1

  • 'h'Means Heading: A Very Important Factor Affecting On-Site Seo Is The Use Of Heading Tags.
  • Search Engines First Focus On H1 Then H2.
  • H1 Is Most Commonly Used For Blog Title 
  • H2 For Blog Description, Post Title, And Some Others

Recommended: Try To Use Only H1 Tag In Page.

6. URL/ Permalink : 

  • Page URL Can Get You Extra Attention For Both Search Engines And Users
  • Make Sure You Put Your Main KWS In Your URL
  • Do Not Make Lengthy URL
  • Always Try To Make Within 25 Character
  • Change Your Permalink Before Publish The Post
  • Always Try To Avoid Stop Word In Your URL
  • Google Bots Do Not Prefer That Type Of URL Which Contains More Forward Slash (/).

7.  Anchor Text : 

  • Anchor Text Is The Visible, Clickable Text In a Hyperlink. In Modern Browsers, It Is Often Blue And Underlines.
  • If Two Links Are Targetting The Same URL, Only The Anchor Text Used In The First Link Is Counted By Google.
Bad Anchor Text: Click Here

Good Anchor Text: Your Keyword

8.  Internal Link : 

  • Internal Links Are Hyperlinks That Point At Target The Same Domin As The Domin That Links Exist On Source.

9. Image Optimization :

  • A Picture Might Be Worth One Thousand Word But Only If It Gets Seen
            Free Image Stock 


10. Robot Txt :

  • White Hat
  • Grey Hat
  • Black Hat

  Robot Txt: Go To Search Preference > Custom Robot Txt - Enable - Ticks All Noodp

11. Content Optimization :

Making Your Website  Home Page Attractive To Search Engines And This Is Called Content Optimization. This Includes Broken Link, Content, Copy Title Tag And Meta Tags. Make Sure Content  For Humans.
Content Should Be Highly Meaningful. Content Optimization Is The Most Impactful In Digital Marketing.

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