Sunday, 11 February 2018

How To Write Web page/ Blog Title Tag For On Page Seo

 Title Tag: This Is  Main Topic For On Page Seo And Also Take Good Role To Come First Page In Google. This Is Important Factor To Use Always Unique  Title. Title Should Be Seo Friendly. Use Seo Related Keyword. Use Main Keyword First In Title

Use Brief And Descriptive Title: Title Should Be Meaningful. User Should Understand Once Visit Blog. Title Should Be Related To Content Of Blog. Title Should Be Niche Based. If Your Title Social Media Related Then Please Write About Social Media Like Importance Of Instagram, How To Increase Twitter Follower etc.

Title Length: This Should Be Near 60-75 Character.T itle Size Is Important For Google Rank. Title Character Count Including Space. You Check Character From Letter Count. Title Should Be Like This: "Social Media Optimization Free Tutorial".Per Google Search Engine Title Should Be 600 Pixel Length (Wide).

Keyword Stuffing: Do Not Use Multiple Word In Title Tag. For Example

Correct: What Is  Social Media And Its Different  Types.

Incorrect: What Is Social Media And How Many Types Social Media. 

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